COVID-19 Plans

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Hello MLC Family! 



Following the recommendations given by Gov Walz, MDE, and MDH, school is not in session at the MLC building until after March 27th.  We will continue to watch for updates to this information and make the necessary changes in scheduling.  In addition to no school at the MLC building, all events scheduled through the end of March have been either cancelled or postponed.  This includes the MLC Auction (scheduled for 4/3) that has been postponed to a yet-to-be-determined date.  The building will not be used for any after-hours activities until further notice.  The health and safety of our staff and students is of utmost importance to us. 

For now, the MLC office is open from 8 am - 3 pm, daily.  Teachers are available via email and phone.   (teacher email format is  For example:

What about MLC’s K-12 education?   We want to continue this school year strong.  The staff at MLC is a great bunch and began holding meetings Sunday evening to discuss creative ways to tackle education under a ‘new norm.’  Below is informaton that will show you how teachers have begun their communications.  We hope this gives you a picture of how our teachers will be communicating with you.  As you can see, teachers are making use of send home packets, emails, Google Classroom, Hangouts, and Meets.  It is important that parents and students are checking their emails regularly for teacher communication.  Each classroom will look a bit different, and may change as this ‘no school’ mandate continues.  Flexibility and communication are of utmost importance.

Did you know that every MLC student, beginning in 4th grade, has a school email address that he/she uses in school? (format for student emails:  Students should be checking their emails - regularly - to receive any information and communication from their teachers.  Students and parents can feel free to email their teachers with any questions.  PLEASE CONTACT THEM WITH ANY CONCERNS YOU MAY HAVE.  THEY ARE ANXIOUS TO HELP YOU..... and, we'll be honest, we are already missing your children!  


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MLC teachers spent time with classes yesterday giving students expectations for the next few weeks of school [ask your student(s) about it!].  Below is the information parents and students should be watching for from teachers/classrooms this week.  This will give you an idea of what teachers will be working on with students to keep them growing and learning over the next weeks. 


It is particularly important that parents and students check their emails often for communication from MLC teachers. ABOVE ALL:  Do not hesitate to contact a teacher or the school office (507-427-2010) with questions, comments, or concerns. 


Reminder:  Teacher email format is (for example:

Mrs. Linscheid

  • Pre-K - Packets were sent home with siblings, hand-delivered, or dropped in the mail. 

Mrs. Fast

  • Kindergarten - Packets of activities with instructions were sent home with students.
  • Text or email Mrs. Fast with finished work; she will text you back!

Miss Knutson

  • Gr 1 - Packets were sent home.  Students were given a list of things on which to work. 
  • Text or email Miss Knutson a picture of completed assignments.

Mrs. Olson

  • Gr 2-3 – Packets were sent home with students.
  • Text or email Mrs. Olson a picture of completed assignments.
  • See Mrs. Olson’s latest newsletter dated 3/16.

Mrs. Siebert

  • Gr 4-5 – A daily checklist of activities was sent home.
  • Watch for emails from Mrs. Siebert.

Mrs. Stoesz

  • Work was sent home with students, including due dates.
  • Watch Google Classroom and Google Meets.
  • Turn work in to the school office or take a picture/scan your work and send it via email to Mrs. Stoesz.

Mrs. Rojas

  • Gr 4-8 -- Packets were sent home with students.
  • Gr 9-10 – Computer work.

Mrs. Penner

  • Gr 1-5 -- A packet was sent home yesterday.
  • Gr 6 -- A two-page paper on a famous artist is due on 3/24.  Type your paper in Google Docs and share it with Mrs. Penner.  Contact her with questions.
  • Gr 7-12 -- Watch for an email.

Mr. Winger

  • Phy Ed – Activity sheets were sent home with students.

Mr. Raabe

  • Watch class unit organizers for assignments and due dates.

Mrs. Kutch

  • Check Google Classroom.
  • Alg I - meeting Mon, Wed, Fri at 9 am using Google Meets.

Mrs. Pearson

  • Gr 7-8 Earth Science & World Geography -- assignments & activities through Google Classroom with occasional meetings on Google Meets.
  • Geometry -- meeting online three times a week on Google Meets & assignments posted on Google Classroom.

Mrs. Klassen

  • Check Google Classroom and Hangouts/Meets.
  • Watch for emails from Mrs. Klassen. 

Mrs. Spinks

  • Some students brought home packets.
  • Watch for emails from Mrs. Spinks.

Mr. Petersen

  • Gr K-5 -- Watch for an email from Mr. Petersen.
  • Gr 6-12 – Watch for Google Hangouts.



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