ACSI Achievement Testing

Achievement testing is given to MLC students in grades 3, 6 & 8.  This testing is done annually in the early spring. 


The Pre-ACT is given to MLC sophomores in the fall of each school year.


The PSAT is given to MLC juniors in the fall of each school year.

 The ACT

MLC encourages its juniors and seniors to take the ACT college entrance exam.  Students should take the ACT at least once during their junior year and then again during their senior year.  Registration is easy online at

What will you need to register online?

MLC's High School Code:  241-784

A picture to use as identification

A debit or credit card

ACT TEST DATES are published in the school newsletter.  MLC students often take this test at the nearing testing site (Windom Area High School).  Find testing dates and other test locations online at  Contact the MLC office for more information at 427-3900.

 The SAT

Students wanting to take the SAT college entrance exam, should go to where testing information and sign-up is available.  Contact the MLC office for more information at 427-3900.

College Bound Students

Students wanting to do more research on test prep and colleges may find the following websites helpful:

Kahn Academy

Princeton Review


Kaplan Test Prep

McGraw-Hill Education


Federal Student Aid



MN State Careerwise Education

Scholarship Hunter


Federal Student Aid