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Thursday, October 17, 2019


On Tuesday, September 24, the sixth graders got the opportunity to go to the Environmental Fair at the Lutheran Camp at Shetek. The first group used drama to present information about the dangers of invasive species in Minnesota. This entertaining presentation showed the students how to avoid the spreading of these plants and animals that harm the native flora and fauna.

At the next session, the students learned about some native animals in Minnesota. Displaying their knowledge of these animals, the students matched footprints, scat, and skulls to the fur of the corresponding animals. This hands on activity made learning about these animals fun and memorable.

The third session dealt with different types of soils including silt, clay, and sand. The students were able to see the difference between these soils and make the connection with the study of Ancient Egypt where silt from the Nile River provided the rich soil on which this civilization was built.

In the last session, the sixth graders were challenged to think about how valuable water is and how much they use in a day. This session was presented by the Science Museum of MN, and gave the class some good topics for discussion on the way home as they discussed the presenter's view on where water came from and how old it is compared to how others may believe. These are the discussions that are a valuable part of MLC's education.

Interesting subjects, along with a glorious day, made this field trip a memorable experience.

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