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Mrs.  Kim  Friesen
Elementary Principal/HS Language Arts
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Principal's Corner


Festival of Trees in Windom
Once again Mountain Lake Christian School will be represented at the Festival of Trees promoted by the Cottonwood County Historical Society.  Our sweet little tree is one of twenty trees available for viewing from Dec. 1-23rd.  Our MLC tree is decorated with baked dough ornaments created in Mrs. Penner’s art classes.  (Well done!)  The CCHS is open from 8-4:00 M-F and 10-4:00 on Saturday.  The opening reception for this display will be held on Dec. 1st from 2-4:00 pm. Beverages and treats will be provided at the reception.


Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills @ Home
Helping your child develop higher order thinking skills may sound like a challenge, but YOU CAN DO IT!  It is a matter of encouraging your child to think intentionally about an object, event, problem, or topic of interest.  Asking good questions is an outstanding way to get their brains thinking.  But, what is a really good question?  It is a question that requires more than a simple yes or a no, more than a one word or short phrase answer.  It is a question that requires explanation, evaluation, reflection, prediction, support, inference, elaboration, or problem solving.   Having a family question of the day is a great way to get everyone thinking.  Another idea is to write a question on a slip of paper and hide it under a family member’s dinner plate.  Following the meal, everyone looks for the question and responds using complete sentences.  (For real….we did this a lot at our house! It was a novel way for me to sneak in topics I wanted them to think about, like finances and faith.)  Give it a go.  Your entire family will be thinking at a higher level before you know it.