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Library Update

Jan. 2018


 February is fast approaching and so is the next library activity. The activity will be a minutes card. The card has a set amount of minutes for a goal. The set goal amount of minutes is based on the grade each student is in. The students can return their card as soon as they have met their goal or with as much as they have completed by Thursday, March 1st. Please have your students return their minutes card to me, because after they return their minutes card, they will be given a reward for their participation in the Library Lovers’ reading challenge. For those who meet their goal, they will receive an individual bag of cookies and a bookmark. For those who return their card, but do not meet their goal, they will receive a bookmark.

 During the week of January 29th I will be informing the students about this activity and about the reading minutes card. Plus I will give to you, the teachers, your students minutes cards which are attached to a parent note. Please send home the minutes card and parent note on Wednesday or Thursday.

 Below is an example of what the minutes card looks like. The students keep track of the amount of time the have read by either coloring in, putting a checkmark on, or putting an X on each clock after they have read for that amount of time.

 Thank you for your help and for encouraging your students to love reading!


  Your Librarian,

   Miss Leechelle Quiring